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Hit’em hard! The MHP3 weakness chart & more



So I was browsing through deviantArt when I stumbled upon AliveDrive‘s amazing MHP3 weakness chart! Granted, not all of the monsters that will appear in MH3U are on there, then again the chart is for MHP3 (PSP, PS3).

weakness chart mhp3

Anyway, I’ve been working on a small project myself. Lately I’ve been playing MHFU (PSP) a lot more often and sometimes have a hard time remembering what the elemental weaknesses of a monster are and where I should attack it.  Luckily there are websites like Monster Hunter Wiki that provide plenty of information on that. Still, it’s kind of troublesome to have to click through all of the links, so I’ve decided to create something different: The Book of Monsters.

I intend to create one page per monster that contains all necessary information on how to defeat it. These pages can easily be transferred to your smartphone or tablet pc and you can access the information anytime anywhere rather quickly. Below you see one of the prototypes. Let me know if anything is missing.



Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: offline only with 3DS?

Yesterday I was watching episode 84 of the Monster Hunter Podcast. In it they were, amongst other things, discussing the online capabilities of Monster Hunter 3 G (3DS) and Monster Hunter 3 G HD (Wii U) – which will be released in the west in march 2013 under the name Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Now there might have been some confusion about how you can play with the 3DS and/or Wii U-version. As it turns out you will only be able to play online with the Wii U-version of the game, whereas the 3DS-variant of it will only support local multiplayer. The Concept is pretty much the same as with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (MHP3rd) for the PSP, which would only feature local multiplayer support. However MHP3rd could still be played online if you had a PS3 with Adhoc Party. As far as I know there is no similar tool for the Wii U.

You can connect and play locally with 3DS and Wii U; you can even transfer your character date from one to the other and vice-versa, but online-playing is only offered with the Wii U version. Some people are debating whether there might be a patch later on that will fix this “issue” (which is theoretically possible), but considering that Capcom hasn’t  released such patches for any of the other installments of the series makes it rather unlikely that they will change their mind with this one.

24 hour hunting & MHP3rd Event

While Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is still waiting to be released outside of Japan, the game is being pretty popular there. It’s probably for that reason that the Universal Studios Japan have announced a MHP3rd event. It’s however still unclear as to what kind of event this may be. But it’s rather likely that it’ll feature some more information and gameplay from the upcoming Monster Hunter Protable 3rd HD for PS3. Anyway, we’ll keep you updated.

In other news, Capcom-Unity-User Snow has announced a 24 hour-hunting session on one of the Monster Hunter Tri servers. Check out the description below or visit the official homepage for more detail.

It’s a long weekend for most of us, meaning extra time to play games! More specifically, time well spent hunting the ravenous creatures of Monster Hunter. This Saturday pop in Monster Hunter Tri in your Wii, and meet up with Capcom-Unity for epic hunting, BBQing, arm wrestling, drinking at the pub, and flaunting ones achievements in the world of Minegarde. Details are as follows:

- Get online in Monster Hunter Tri Saturday anytime
- Go to the Server Valor 4
- Head to Gate 40
- Capcom-Unity will be waiting for you! 

That’s the meet up destination! Expect to find fellow Capcom-Unity Monster Hunters throughout the day. This event takes place both in North America and in Europe. If you’re playing in North America click here for more information, and if you’re playing in Europe click here.

It’s an all day event, but don’t feel obligated to be there the whole time. Just hop online and in that server and gate when you get a chance!

[ Sources: Capcom-Unity.com / The-Magicbox.com ]

Huntin’ Beasties in HD & 3D

Capcom just never seizes to amaze their fans. A couple of days ago Capcom has announced that they will release a HD-version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd this summer in Japan. Apart from looking frickin’ epic in high definition, the game will also support 3D (with glasses and the whole stuff you’d usually need to play one of them fancy 3D stuff) and allow you to not just share your savegame-data between PSP and PS3 but also to join forces with other huters (PSP or PS3) with Ad-Hoc Party!

It’s still unkonwn whether MHP3rd HD will be available on PSN (assuming it’s up again until then) or as a hard-copy – even though I’d kind of prefer the second option. So far there are no plans to release either MHP3rd (PSP) or MHP3rd HD (PS3) outside of Japan. But as most of you probably already know it was the same for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and the western hunters still got to hunt down their Nargacugas in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Be that as it may, it would be  exhilarating to get another MH-part on the big screen. While Monster Hunter Tri was (and still is) a great game, it still lacks some stuff to really shine – like HD-graphics, a decent voice-chat-feature (I always use skype) and a bigger amount of gear and monsters to hunt. All of this was however featured in Capcoms Monster Hunter Frontier which unfortunately is only available in Japan.

Anyway, MHP3rd HD is definately something you should look forward to. Capcom will release more information on the title on May 28th. Until then: Check out the announcement-trailer (make sure to watch it in HD) below or visit the official website!

[ source: Capcom-Unity.com ]

MHP 3rd: More Screenshots

Capcom has uploaded some more screenshots on the upcoming Monster Hunter Sequel. Nothing new, but still the game does look slightly better than its predecessors, also the colors look kind of more saturated.

[ source: Monsterhunterforum.de ]

New Area in MHP 3rd: Mountain Stream

Capcom has released some more information on the upcoming Monster Hunter sequel for the PSP. So far one new area has been introduced: Mountain Stream. At the moment three monsters are sure be found in that location, namely: Aoashira, Jinouga and Nargacuga. Below some pics of the zone.

Note however that the English name is not yet final.

[source: Monsterhunterforum.de]

New MHP 3rd Screenshots look awesome!

Monster Hunter Tri’s choice of platform took many players and fans of the series by surprise. But even more surprising was Capcoms announcement to release a title that contains many of the new monsters, weapons and armors from Tri for the PSP. However many of the old monsters won’t make it into this title. Still, so far the screenshots and trailers have been looking rather promising.  So do the new scans:

New Monster Hunter Portable 3 Scans

Great News! The first scan of Monster Hunter Portable 3 has been released. I don’t really know much Japanese though, so if you have a clue what the comments say, I’d be more than grateful to read a quick summary in the comments section. The pic-file is huge, but you should be able to get a decent glimpse at the screenshots that way.

Anyway, the monsters look great and it seems like Capcom has really put his soul into this one. I can’t wait to see more in-game footage.

[Source: MonsterHunterForum]

New Felyne Features in Monster Hunter Portable 3

One of the coolest features in the Portable-series was that you bring your felyne along with you on a quest. Seriously, even the most cold-blooded and blood thirsty hunter has took the little buddy to ones heart. In Monster Hunter Portable 3 Capcom has therefore decided to expand this feature a little. I’m not quite sure if I translated all the stuff correctly, so don’t nail me to it. But appearently you will be able to transfer Felynes from Monster Hunter Nikki: Poka Poku Airu Mura and vice versa.

Also now you will be able to take 2 of the little warrior kitten along with you on a quest. This should prove quite useful as now they have new armors and weapons. However it hasn’t been announced wheter different weapon-types will be available or not.

[Source: Capcom JP]

Finally: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

All you hunters out there, rejoice! The third part of the Mosnter Hunter portable series will be released this year under the name Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (kind of obvious).  The first trailer looks incredible. MHP3 will feature most of the Monsters found in Monster Hunter 3 (Wii) and add new ones. Not only that, but there is also a new weapon calss and new combos for existing weapons. As for felyne comrades, it seems that you can now take more than one along to your quests.

Here’s a list of all known innovations (from Minegarde Forums):

- To be released at the end of 2010
– Different from Monster Hunter Tri
– No underwater battles
– Setting in “Yukumo Village” (はユクモ村)
– The mayor of this village is woman
– Design is based on a traditional Japanese look
– Picture of the starter armor
-A lot of returning monsters

- Info on 3 new monster species
—Jinouga (ジンオウガ): Dragon Wolf type?
—Gavua (ガーヴア): Ostrich type?
—Aoashira (アオアシラ): Armadillo type?

-12 different kinds of weapons
—Great Sword – 大剣
—Long Sword – 太刀
—Hammer – ハンマー
—Hunting Horn/Flute – 狩猟笛
—Sword & Shield – 片手剣
—Dual Swords – 双剣
—Lance – ランス
—Gun Lance – ガンランス
Slash Axe – スラッシュアックス
—Light Bowgun – ライトボウ
—Heavy Bowgun – ヘヴィボウ
—Bow – 弓

-A new “Bathing/Spa Facility” feature to replace the Felyne Kitchen
-New fields/environments: A mountain stream and some kind of dried up pond
-A fairly large farm

It’s very likely that you will be able port your old armors and weapons to MHP3, and also be able to play it online via Ad-Hoc-Party (if you have a PS3 that is). Apart from that, Capcom has also released a new trailer of the soon to be released Monster Hunter Nikki: Poka Poku Airu Mura.


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