Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Monster Hunter 5th anniversary!

5th anniversary

5 years ago the very first Monster Hunter for PS2 was released. I remember the good ol’ days when I used to play the demo that came along with DMC 3 with other people on the net. When the game was finally released it was a relevation to PS2-online-gaming. Hunters would gather online and take down huge dragons, fire-spitting wyverns and all kind of monsters. However the second part never made it to Europe (at least for PS2).

Later Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) was introduced to western players. They quickly discovered the enormous of the title and so Capcom released Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd (PSP) which is a port of the PS2-original that was intially released in Asia. The game broke all records, western players were hooked to the thrill of Monster Hunter. So a couple of years later the “add-on” Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) was finally relased. This one was a port of Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd G (PSP) that was only introduced in Asia. There is also a PC-Version of the Game called Monster Hunter Frontier, that includes many new monsters, weapons and gear, however Capcom hasn’t made any anouncement of bringing this title to Europe.

So, to celebrate the 5th “birthday” of this great series you can find some amazing videos in this article, enjoy!


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