Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Unite – because it’s fun!

do_itFor a very long time, Europe has been without a possibility to play the Monster Hunter-titles online with your friends. During the glorious era of Monster Hunter [PS2] people from all over the globe united to bring down giant dragons and slay dangerous wyverns. Fighting in a team was not only much more fun, but also easier and you got to socialize. Many experienced hunters would give Beginners advice on how to create specific gear and weapons. Also they would share strategies on how to take down the enemy. During that time special techniques were developped, one of them being “Headlocking“. It’s true that Headlocking was also popular in single-player-mode, however it was mostly used in 2 or more player-parties where the first member would constantly hit the wyvern with a lance on its weakspot so it flinched, while the other member deals damage elsewhere or cuts the tail off.

These kind of strategies lost their efficiency after Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter Freedom [PSP] would only allow Ad-Hoc-multiplayer-mode. XLink Kai offered a possibilty to finally be able to play with other players from around the world, but setting it up is rather difficult and costy, so most hunters refrained from using it. Fortunately Sony later introduced Ad-Hoc Party for PS3. This program allows PSP-users to play in teams by using the tool as a Link between PSP’s.

About a week ago I was playing with some friends of mine, all experienced hunters, from Japan. When facing Lavasioth/ Volganos I got kind of bugged as, even though he is big and slow, his attacks can be fatal. So we arrived at the volcano zone and I basically got ready to get my ass whooped when “the team leader” said: “We’ll use a high-technique on this one“. I was surprised… how should headlocking or anything similar work on that overgrown carp? However I was quickly disabused of this notion.  I quickly came to understand what he meant by the term “high-technique”, Lavasioth/ Volganos was down within mintues while our team was pretty much unharmed. Not only that but also there hadn’t been any danger for any of us from the start. Each one had a simple task to carry out, none of us relented. I will explain the details of the technique along with some other details in a new section.

Anyway, my point is that with MHFU and Ad-Hoc-Party, Capcom has finally managed to bring the original Hunting experience back to Hunters all over the world. Exploring new ways of defeating dragons while working as a team is the greatest virtue of the game!



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