Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Beware of the belly!


So today I was out hunting with some hunters from Germany. We killed a couple of Nargacugas, then a couple of Daoras, it was fun. Then we decided to go take down a Yamatsukami. Now, as you might now the Yamatsukami is a big squid/broccoli-like, flying sepia that isn’t too hard to kill as it has only one fatal attack (his whirlwind).

20090708123629705Anyway, we started off we the same strategy as always – beating the crap out of him as soon as his tentacles grabbed the platform! After dealing enough damage out opponent flinched and fell to the ground, a superb p to jump on its back and carve some useful stuff – not this time! We basically jumped right through his back and basically landed inside his belly. Having some long swords and the desire to kill the green monstrosity we slashed our blades deep into his entrails. It proved to be really effective so we continued as long as possible. After a while he got back up and hovered back to the platform. We were all really proud ourselves having put our opponent into his place. That was when he fell down and squashed us with his belly -_- Payback is a b*tch


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