Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Scroll 2: Hunting Preparations

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Every experienced hunter knows: a hunt isn’t just about hunting. The right preparations are essential and decide upon success or failure of your quest. Making the right preparations can boost your hunting-efficiency up to 200% Again there are different aspects one must consider before stepping out in the wild and facing the enemy. We’ll divide the preparation-process in 6 steps:

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Choice of weapon & element
  • Abilities
  • Felyne support
  • Objects

It may look like much, but once you get used to it, hunting will become a lot easier as you can focus on the fight without having to worry about supply or other things. So let’s start with the first aspect:

Intelligence gathering

Before doing anyting, you should decide upon what kind of quest you want to make and/ or what monster you will be facing. Depending of this you’ll want to find out what the monsters weaknesses are or where certain items can be found. Hitting a monster at the wrong spot will not only result in you getting pushed around, but also your weapon getting dull. Here are a couple of lists and charts to help you prepare.

Choice of weapon and element

rathalos_hunter_by_lukelitman_displayNow that you know what monster you will be fighting, you need to choose the right weapon. Important here is to not choose the weapon that is suggested by most, but a weapon you feel comfortable with. Let’s say you have no experiences with lances and use a great sword instead, but the suggested weapon to slay a certain monster is a lance. The chances of succeeding by using a weapon you have no experience with is way lower than by using a weapon you’re accustomed to. If you should find out that using that weapon is unrealistic or useless, you’ll want to finish some training-quests with the other weapon.

Anyway, you can find plenty of information on the right weapon for a monster on either youtube (just type in the name of mosnter + kill) or the monster hunter wiki. Make sure you use a weapon with the according elemental attribute or (in case you don’t have one) one that has enough raw damage to compensate for the lack of additional damage. The easiest weapons to handle are long swords and (for gunners) bows. Both have good balance of speed and power.


Now this is the tricky part. Abilities are a great thing, they can amplify your fighting-potential considerably. However choosing inefficient abilities is only a waste of slots. Some gears come with useful abilities while others make up for that by offering a greater defense. However you can still add others by using decoration. Some abilities can be compined to create deadly powers. Here’s a list of all abilties and what advantages they have.

Felyne Support

img_1679267_37538469_0Felynes are your friends! They help you in two ways, once by offering meals that help you further improve your status and by covering your back in solo-battle. They offer an ideal way of making up for potential weaknesses. If your armor is weak, strengthen your defense, If your elemental guard is low, get it back up, or if you just need more attacking power, go ahead.

As for your felyne comrade, he is a great help in battle. Make sure his abilties and his training reflect his personality. If they do the little furball will hell to every wyvern you’re facing. Enlosed you find a guide on how to get the right status-improvements in the kitchen.


The last point. Again there are two categories. Items that improve your status by just carrying them (amulets or books) and items that change your status by using them. Again check your opponent and make sure the items fit your needs (whetstones, steaks, potions, lifepowders, etc.). Nothing is more annoying than running out of important items during a quest that you could finish easily if you had them.

sample79182dd7425259f307eaf000893c652066869551jpgIf an item is essential to succeeding, you should take other material with you to combine new exemplars of it (bombs, traps, etc.) When you have free space in your bag and are unsure what to take with you, flashbombs and traps are always a great idea, remember however, that traps don’t work on dragon elders. Other useful items are the teleporter and amulets.  Don’t get “overprepared” though. Taking useless items with you is worse than not taking any, as you might have to throw them away when you carve the dead monster.

That’s pretty much it. If you follow these simple guidelines hunting should become a lot easier and you will face less tight-spots.


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