Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Teostra Farming


Yesterday I was out hunting with some friends from Germany. We decided to take down some dragon elders, first was Kushala. After having slayed the wind-spitting beast a couple of times a new quest popped up: Teostra! Of course our pride as hunters didn’t allow anything but to kill the kitty, so our little bloodthirsty party of three went to the swamp.

sample895cd7520ea342fba6ab693dc1dc375509424062jpgFor everyone who didn’t yet have the great pleaseure of meeting a fully grown Teostra, let me tell you: it’s huge. It’s nothing like those bycicle-sized kitten. It’s big… like BIG! Anyway, we pulled out our weapons and went into fighting stance. 20 minutes, dozens of flashbombs and 2 deaths later we were close to put the sabertoothed monster to flight. Our potions were gone as was our supply of flashbombs. So everything we could do was to survive for another 5 minutes. Faced with the decision to either stand back and wait for the time to run out or land some more slashes on our fury friend, we continued our hunt. It looked great. Teostra had lost its horn, however it was in rage-mode and more dangerous now than ever. As I continued to smash my sharpened Tachi onto his scaly body, time flew by – and then all of a sudden BANG. Teo kitty had gotten his claws on me. My health was nearly at rock bottom and I was right in the middle of the area with all escape routes being far away. My teleporter I had already used, so everything that remained was running, the firey breath of the monster right behind me. As the steps came closer I decided to jump and oh lucky, Teostras hit didn’t land. Only a couple more steps. I kept running and as I pushed myself away from the gound to land in another area BOOM, furball had caught up with me… quest failed -_- We did he quest again and succeeded and got a glimpse of the Kaiser Armor X after having slayed the beast.


Needless to say that all of us fell in love with it at first sight, so our objective was clear: Teostra farming! For all novice hunters who aren’t yet accquainted with that expression. It means: Continuously repeating the same quest (or slaying the same monster) to accquire all items you need from it or just wait for a certain item to appear. It’s similar to Plate Runs, except for the members not to abandon the quest if they get the desired item by simply cutting and carving the tail of a monster. So a piece of advise to all you hunters who now want to go after a Teo kitty too: bring flashbombs, plenty of flashbombs! And make sure the fire resitence of your armor is at max. What’s the use in having an overpowered weapon if the Monster can kill you with one or two strikes of its paws?



2 responses

  1. ty

    Hey, sorry about that.
    I’ll be sure to reference it!
    I was just looking around for Teo ideas 😦

    January 21, 2010 at 12:59 pm

  2. ty

    btw this is shinkirouzero from deviant art

    January 21, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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