Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

MH3 not so exclusive anymore?

Before writing anything else, I just want to make very clear that this nothing but a rumor! I found it here; it basically says that this week a representative of capcom replied to the question whether MH3 was Wii-exlusive or not, that “the decision on MH3’s Wii-exclusivity is not yet final“.

As all of you know the Monster Hunter-Series has pretty much only been promoted on PSP here in Europe, so a port for the PSP would suggest itself. However some of you might also remember that Monster Hunter Tri was originally planned and developped for the Playstation 3 and cancelled (or rather moved to Nintendos console) due to the high development costs for games on Sonys console. Concerning capacity and power, the PS3 offers far more possiblities than Nintendos Wii every could. The decision to bring the game to a family-console like Wii rather then a Sony console was debatable in the first place.


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