Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Hunting Grounds: The last gathering

Ever era has to come to an end. With the release day of Monster Hunter Tri being almost here, the glorious era of psp-exlusitivity for Monster Hunter (at least in the west) will be over. Reason enough to organise one last gathering and enjoy some great hunts together. Enclosed you find the details for the meeting.

  • When: April 3rd,  18.00 o’clock
  • Where: Starbucks Bellevue (Zürich, Switzerland)
  • What: we’re gonna do: Play MHFU until we drop

There is a McDonalds and plenty of other restaurants nearby, also a videogamestore and, since we’re in Starbucks, plenty of coffee. So if you live nearby and are looking for fellow hunters, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know more people with the urge to kill dragons. See you then!


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