Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Top 7 concept weapons for MH!

After having had a look at the Top 10 monsters that didn’t make it into the series, it’s time to take a closer look at the objects of many a hunter’s great affection – the weapons. Again Capcom had some really incredible ideas and it’s probably incomprehendable to us lesser mortals. Anyway, enclosed you find the Top 7 concept weapons, enjoy!

7 – Whip

All of you guys who read Monster Hutner Orage will remember the “battle-whip”. All of you others should at least know Indiana Jones and be somehow able to imagine how this weapon could be used.

Another version of this weapon is the “sword-whip”, basically a sword that can extend and become flexible and whip-like (NSFW: pretty much like Ivy’s in the Soul Calibur series)

6 – Baton

The alternative to the dual blades. Fast and flexible, they would prove to be quite useful to remaining agile, while attacking your opponent.

However the might be quite useless against opponents like Lao, Fatalis or Akantor. So their usability is quite constricted. Still, it would have been fun to see the weapon in the game.

5 – Scythe

Most of you will be familiar with the Dark Scythe you can craft in the series. In the game you can only use it like a tachi though. Formerly (like all tachi) it was even constricted to the moves of GS.

The possibilities of a scythe would be numerous. For one you could lauch cutting attacks and wound your opponent. Maybe you can also plunge the blade into the beasts body to restrict its movements or not be blown away by screams.

4 – Claws

You can’t tell me that you’ve never wanted to slay a dragon wolverine-style! Claws would be a really interesting tool. Similar to dual blades, but allowing you to move more freely.

But mainly it would just look incredible to slay those huge wyverns with (almost just) your bare hands!

3 – Morning Star

Morning stars have been something like the berettas of the middle age. Why don’t the hunters in Monster Hunter have them? There are more than enough reasons to include them in the game.

First of all they look cool. Secondly they’re as brutal as a dinner with your parents-in-law and third, and most important of all, they look totally awesome!

2 – Axe

Of course Switchaxes have now been included in Monster Hunter 3. But what would have been even nicer would have been huge, heavy axes that are more like hammers. Basically a mix between GS and Hammer. For example it would have been possibility to allow blocking with an axe and as a compromise lower the attacking power. Just my 2 cents though.

There have been some axe-looking weapons in the series, but none of them really was one. Most of them were treated as Tachi, GS or Hammers. An own fighting-style would have been nice. Still, let’s see how the switchaxes will do.

1 – Double-sided sword

There is no explanation needed. This weapons is just badass. The possibilities for comobos are virtually countless. Also a possibility to mix certain parts to create a unique weapon would have made this arm a great tool for hunters.


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  1. Faggot

    Those double sided swords are called Swallows.

    March 30, 2010 at 1:36 am

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