Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Offers for Monster Hunter 3 in Switzerland

Alright folks. Today in exactyl one month MH3 will hit the European market. The different boxes and offers have caused tongues to wag, so I figured it might be a good idea to make a short list with the most popular VG-shops in Switzerland and what products they’ll offer. Don’t nail me to the prices though, they may still differ. We’ll proceed alphabetically.



A nice thing about Gamestop is that you can sell them your old games in order to new games cheaper. Also you get a discount if you preorder the game.

  • Monster Hunter 3 [Game]: 79.90 CHF
  • MH3 + Classic Controller [Bundle]: 99.90 CHF
  • Ultimate Hunters Box [Bundle]: 119.90 CHF


World of Games

WoG has some nice promo-stuff. They raffle 50 Monster Hunter Shoulder Bags among all who preordered the game. Also all of the persons who did so get a Rathalos Figure for free if they preordered the Ultimate Hunters Box (I’m not quite sure whether this is included anyway, but I think the box itself only contains a figure of Lagiacrus).


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