Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Monster Hunter BBQ in L.A. – with beer

One of many advantages when you don’t have snow lying around everywhere (like here) is that you can do all kinds of awesome stuff – like BBQ’s. That’s what some hunters in the L.A. area must’ve thought and decided to organize an event where you could do the 3 most awesome things you can imagine at a BBQ-Party:

  • Play Monster Hunter 3 (before it’s offially out)
  • Eat lots of meat
  • Drink lots of beer
  • get to know chicks (yes! at a Monster Hunter event!!)

The idea is so awesome that I hereby declare that this summer Hunting Grounds will organize a BBQ too (and will also try to get some of those awesome Royal Ludroth-beer mugs)! Everyone who’s interested in coming, leave a comment.

Also I wonder if Ironbeard was there too? I reckon he might have killed the Lagiacrus for it’s meat to use at the BBQ.


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