Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Solid Snake is a Monster Hunter

We all know that Kojima makes pretty decent games but now has really outodne himself. In his latest creation, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, you will be able to access a certain Island on which some of the beasties from Monster Hunter will reside. So far the pics and the trailer have shown Velociprey, some Felynes, a Tigrex and a Rathalos.

Especially the gameplay-footage where they take the Tigrex down with bazookas looks pretty awesome. Beside featuring content from the Monster Hutner franchise, the game will also have elements from Assassins Creed. Initially the news have been made public on April 1st, so nobody really took them too seriously. I wonder if Snake will be able to make armor and weapons out of the slayed monsters. Also this poses the question whether this kind of crossover will be made in other games too. Just imagine: Zelda feat. Dante (Devil May Cry) or Metal Gear Ray in a Monster Hunter game.

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