Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Monster Hunter 3: Impressions of the game

Tri has now been out for roughly ten days. Enough time to play through some quests and check the different modes in the game. First of all it kind of came as a shock that you could not build any LS in the beginning. It’ll take you a while (usually until you have advanced to the two star-quests. Also it’ll take you a while before you can craft your first switchaxe. But that isn’t so problematic since most of the other weapons that are available at the start are pretty decent. Also most of the fans were pretty much in two minds. However Capcom has really put his heart into this one and it’s pretty fun. Fighting underwater really is a new experience and feels quite different, though not in a bad way, from the usual game technique. The controls in general are really great. Although they are a bit different from the previous couple of games (MHF, MHF: 2nd, MHFU). However the best thing about the newest part of the series is that you can finally play online at home on your TV-screen, chasing giant monsters over a HD-display does look quite different from doing the same thing on a handheld device. Usually over 2’000 players are on, though you will have a hard time finding allies when you reachead a HR over 20. But once you’ve found yourself some co-hunters the fun starts.

As for the graphics, the Wii as you know isn’t nearly as powerful as an Xbox360 or a PS3, still the monsters, armors, weapons and environments do look really nice and I’m going as far as to say that this will probably remain the best that any Wii can so far has produced or ever will. The music is just brilliant, Capcom really has taken the atmosphere up a notch with the new soundtrack. The battles are quite intense and you will catch yourself doing evasive maneuvers in front of the screen with a controller in your hand. I’ts not surprising that new hunters are joining everyday. The game really is a masterpiece and will hopefully create an even bigger fan-community.

Anyway, if anyone of you should want to go hunting, just write: 3UEQ7B


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