Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Killing Jhen Mohran

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Today was my second attempt to face off with the biggest monster from MH3, Jhen Mohran. The guys from Capcom really did their homework and created a great setting for the battle. You are surfing through the desert on your boat, which btw is well equipped with cannons, ballistas and more and are fighting the giant while he’s swimming beside you, ramming your boat and doing free willy-like jumps over the ship. Also there are different ways of approaching the hunt. For one, you can just grab some cannonballs and bombard the colossus or, if your timing is good, jump onto him and deal some damage with your own weapon. You can also use a gong to temporarily confuse Mohran, which will flinch as soon as he hears the sound of it. Not only this, but you are again able to use something like a dragonator to pierce through the monsters skin as soon as it gets close enough to your vehicle.

The quest is a lot shorter than the comparable Lao Shan Lung Quest from MHFU but also lots more fun. You are really able to use all of the weaponst to their fullest extent if you know the right spots to attack, which makes the hunt just so much more enjoyable. Anyway, it was great fun playing with WNinte, PhaZe and RX and I hope to find more hunters to join the quest 🙂 I’ll be uploading the in a couple of days when I’m done with the editing.


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