Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Messing with the big guys

After a quite a long time I have now found my way back to Moga Village. I decided to do some warm-up rounds before going after the big guys, so I hunted down a Great Jaggi and and a Qurupeco first. The Ceadeus-Quest was still open and unfinished, so I figured I might try that one next. As he is weakest to dragon and thunder, I guessed that thunderclap along with the lagiacrus-armor would do the job, which in retrospective wasn’t a bad decision.  So I stocked up my potions, boosted my defense and dove right in. The battle with Ceadeus was pretty rough. It’s kind of like battling Lao from the MHFU-Series, but different. For one you are underwater, so you have to be accustomed to swimming, otherwise it will be hard to swim to the right places and deal damage.

After diving through a couple of underwater caves you will find yourself in what seems to have been a fortress; only that it has sunk and is now underwater. You can choose to use the Ballista as well as the dragonspear in order to further weaken the giant or simply attack him with your own weapon. However I strongly suggest using the weapons in the fortress, especially the Dragonator. It will weaken him remarkably. Anyway, after landing a couple more hits on his horn, it broke off and further hits led to Ceadeus fleeing out into the again – Moga was saved 🙂

The nex major Monster to take down was Jhen Mohran. He was also the one Monster I had to finish so I could rise in HR. Hunting Jhen was a whole new experience. For one you can’t really attack him with your regular weapon most of the time as he is swimming in the sea of sand next to your ship. So what you have to do is use the Ballistas and canons on the ship, it’s pretty wicked. Anyway, for this quest a decent weapon was essential and as his two biggest weaknesses are Dragon and Ice, I was kind of screwed. I didn’t have weapons of either of those two elements in my box, but I kind of got lucky in a quest and managed to get a rusted lance which i could turn into the “Undertaker”, which is pretty much one of best weapons you can get for defeating a Jhen. My first two attempts to clear the quest with the Vodyanoy Hammer failed miserably. One of them even by 2 minutes, which was quie frustrating. Still, on the 4th try I managed to gather a great team and we really did manage to cause some major damage. So much in fact that Mohran actually dropped dead at the end – HR 31 🙂 Even though Jhen’s armor isn’t that special, the weapons you can craft out of his materials are pretty neat. Next up: Deviljho 😉

[Stats taken from Monster Hunter Wiki]


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