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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: offline only with 3DS?

Yesterday I was watching episode 84 of the Monster Hunter Podcast. In it they were, amongst other things, discussing the online capabilities of Monster Hunter 3 G (3DS) and Monster Hunter 3 G HD (Wii U) – which will be released in the west in march 2013 under the name Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Now there might have been some confusion about how you can play with the 3DS and/or Wii U-version. As it turns out you will only be able to play online with the Wii U-version of the game, whereas the 3DS-variant of it will only support local multiplayer. The Concept is pretty much the same as with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (MHP3rd) for the PSP, which would only feature local multiplayer support. However MHP3rd could still be played online if you had a PS3 with Adhoc Party. As far as I know there is no similar tool for the Wii U.

You can connect and play locally with 3DS and Wii U; you can even transfer your character date from one to the other and vice-versa, but online-playing is only offered with the Wii U version. Some people are debating whether there might be a patch later on that will fix this “issue” (which is theoretically possible), but considering that Capcom hasn’t  released such patches for any of the other installments of the series makes it rather unlikely that they will change their mind with this one.


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