Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


Akantor (from Monster Hunter Wiki)

English Name: Akantor
Nicknames: Aka or Akamu, The Black God
Titles: The Black God, The Tyrant of Fire, The Embodiment of Eruption, Volcanic Armageddon
Japanese Name: アカムトルム
Romaji: Akamutorumu
Japanese Title: Supreme Monster
Type of Monster: Flying Wyvern
Size: Very Large
Signature Moves: Wind Tunnel
Monster Icon: File:MonRef52.jpg
Description: A wyvern truly wrapped in mystery. Known to some as the black god and to others as the tyrant of fire, this large and brutal creature is known to the Guild simply as Akantor…
Other information
Element: Fire and Dragon
Secondary Status’
Defense Decrement, Paralysis
Weakest to: Dragon, Thunder on body when in rage
Weakness sign: Will limp
Habitats: Battleground
Other monster in relation: Ukanlos, Tigrex, Pariapuria, Nargacuga, Beriorosu
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter Freedom 2
First Japanese Appearance: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd
Generation: 2

You can piss your pants, but you sill have to kill it. Don’t worry though, it isn’t that difficult. Akantors size is his main advantage, but also his biggest weakness. First of all, let’s take a look at his attacks. The first attack you will encounter is his charge. It’s very similar to Tigrex’ but slower. However due to his size, the attacking area becomes much larger. So what you will do is to jump in order to avoid it. Getting hit by this one can often prove to be fatal. The next attack that is worth mentioning is the hurricane-breath. If you get caught in it, the chances of surviving are close to nil. Keeping this in mind, attacking from the side becomes the best option.

You can also attack his belly and avoid all possible attacks of his. This way however you will deal considerably less damage. Still, it works.

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Sword and Shield


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