Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


Barroth (from Monster Hunter Wiki)

English Name: Barroth
Nicknames: Boru, Bolboros
Titles: Earth & Sand Beast
Japanese Name: ボルボロス
Romaji: boruborosu
Japanese Title: 土砂竜
Type of Monster: Brute Wyvern
Size: Image:Gold_Crown_Large.png 1744.3 cm
Image:Gold_Crown_Small.png 1266.0 cm
Signature Moves: Charge, Mud Shake
Monster Icon: File:boroicon.png
Description: Barroth usually remain beneath the mud, perhaps to shield themselves from heat; they are even known to fling mud to attack. They will charge in a frenzy at anything that disturbs their bogs.
Other information
Element: None
Secondary Status’
Weakest to: Water on mud body,
Fire on clean body
Weakness sign: Limping
Habitats: Sandy Plains
Other monster in relation: Unknown
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter 3
First Japanese Appearance: Monster Hunter 3
Generation: 3

~ more info to come ~


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