Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


Diablos (from Monster Hunter Wiki)

English Name: Diablos
Nicknames: Dia, Twohorns, Devilblos (one-horned version)
Titles: Desert Tyrant, Devil of the Desert
Japanese Name: ディアブロス
Romaji: Diaburosu
Japanese Title: 角竜 / Horned Monster
Type of Monster: Flying Wyvern
Size: Image:Gold_Crown_Small.png 1893.7 ~ Image:Gold_Crown_Large.png 2990.1
Signature Moves: Underground Dig Attack
Monster Icon: File:MonRef32.jpg
Description: Two-horned wyverns found in desert zones. They are capable of burrowing into sand to attack prey from below. Incredibly violent and proud, they are known to unleash terrible wrath when accosted.
Other information
Element: None
Secondary Status’
Weakest to: Ice on tail stub.
Weakness sign: 1-hit rage, or will limp
Habitats: Deserts
Other monster in relation: Black Diablos, Monoblos & Barroth
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter
First Japanese Appearance: Monster Hunter
Generation: 1

~ more info to come ~


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