Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


Gobul (from Monster Hunter Wiki)

English Name: Gobul
Nicknames: Angler Fish
Titles: Currently Unknown
Japanese Name: チャナガブル
Romaji: chanagaburu
Japanese Title: 灯魚竜
Type of Monster: Leviathan
Size: Image:Gold_Crown_Large.png 2332.6 cm
Image:Gold_Crown_Small.png 1706.8 cm
Signature Moves: Currently Unknown
Monster Icon: File:Chanagaicon.png
Description: Monsters with strong camouflage skills and powerful neurotoxins. Poor swimmers, Gobul conceal themselves and lure prey by imitating plants with their barbles. Can reportedly swallow Epioth whole. They love frogs.
Other information
Element: None.
Secondary Status’
Paralysis and Knock-Out
Weakest to: Thunder & Fire
Weakness sign: Limping
Habitats: Flooded Forest
Other monster in relation: Unknown
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter 3
First Japanese Appearance: Monster Hunter 3
Generation: 3

~more info to come ~


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