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Lavasioth (from Monster Huner Wiki)

English Name: Lavasioth
Nicknames: Volganos
Titles: Volcanic Piscine, The Lava Wyvern
Japanese Name: ヴォルガノス
Romaji: Voruganosu
Japanese Title: Lava Monster
Type of Monster: Piscine Wyvern
Size: Image:Gold_Crown_Small.png 1800.8 Image:Gold_Crown_Large.png 2223.2
Signature Moves: {{{moves}}}
Monster Icon: {{{descimage}}}
Description: A piscine wyvern that resides in magma. Its scales are covered by layers of cooled magma, which makes it one hard nut to crack.

It swims around in lava, spewing the molten rock it takes in at its prey… Researchers love to study its peculiar way of life.

Other information
Element: Fire
Secondary Status’
Weakest to: Water and Para
Weakness sign: Lava flow like aura on the body will disappear
Habitats: Volcanoes
Other monster in relation: Cephadrome, Plesioth, Red Volganos
First U.S. Appearance: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
First Japanese Appearance: Monster Hunter Frontier
Generation: 2

As you progross in the world of Monster Hunter, you will have to face this buddy. Lavasioth is badass. A giant carp swimming in a sea of lava. There isn’t much of a single-player strategy here. Lavasioth might be huge, but he certainly moves fast. You will soon notice that many of his attacks and patterns ressemble the ones of Plesioth.  Obviously you can pretty much use the same attacking-patterns here that you would usually apply to a Plesioth. It’s essential to not be hasty here. Bow users will not have to deal with the troublesome tailwhip, however it becomes even more essential to keep at distance and predict Lavsioths moves.

The safest place in a fight against Lavasioth is right under his belly. Go for his legs and deal as much damage as possible. Be careful to evade his tailwhips though. Once he has hit you, things tend to get really ugly. Apart from that there really isn’t much of strategy. Wait for the right moment, and then strike with everything you got.

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Heavy Bowgun


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