Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not



Another trailer for the most bestest game you’re never going to play

So Capcom has released a trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter Frontier G, which will hit the shelves on april 17th next year – well, in Japan at least. There are still no plans to bring the MMOARPG to the west. Still, here’s some eyecandy!



MHFO 360 Cover and more!

Awesome news for Monster Hunter fans with an x360. As announced by Capcom, Monster Hunter Frontier [360] will hit the Japanese market on 24th june. The game will cost 6090 ¥ and include one month of free playing time, a 1-month xbox live gold memembershi and 13 bonus in game items. A special MHFO USB-Keyboard will be released on the same day for 1000 ¥. A release for America/ Europe hasn’t been confirmed yet.

As if this weren’t enough there is also a new Monster to be found in the game, Dyuragaua, which pretty much looks like a dressed up Nargacuga  . The ice-element Wyvern is supposed to be pretty tough but so far no more information has been revealed.

Check out the latest screenshots and gameplay-vids.