Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not



Monster Hunter Trailer Compilation


One of the coolest things about Monster Hunter is that it’s not only fun to play, but also fun to watch. Seeing how a couple of weapon-wielding hunters try to take down a monster five times their size is just something that doesn’t get boring very quickly. And I also think that this is probably why the series has reached its degree of popularity among gamers (especially in Japan).

The game doesn’t really provide you with a story or an aim. You just get thrown into this amazing world filled with huge dragons, wyverns and other incredible creatures and try to deal with them as best you can. Any way you choose to face/fight these monsters is ok. There really is no wrong way to play it. I think it’s this kind of liberty that attracts many players. A feature that has been expanded in the latest addition to the series (Monster Hunter 4). Even though we won’t be seeing this game for a while in the west, the trailers look very promising.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtulY5crZNA]

a beastload of screenshots

Capcom has published some more screenshots & artworks of it’s upcoming 3DS-expansion to the Monster Hunter series, namely Monster Hunter 4. I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Everything looks almost too colorful and did you notice that one of the new monsters looks like Alf? I do got mad love for the Dragons Dogma-ish moves that they seem to be including in the game. Anyway, here are the screenshots! (more…)

Huntin’ Beasties in HD & 3D

Capcom just never seizes to amaze their fans. A couple of days ago Capcom has announced that they will release a HD-version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd this summer in Japan. Apart from looking frickin’ epic in high definition, the game will also support 3D (with glasses and the whole stuff you’d usually need to play one of them fancy 3D stuff) and allow you to not just share your savegame-data between PSP and PS3 but also to join forces with other huters (PSP or PS3) with Ad-Hoc Party!

It’s still unkonwn whether MHP3rd HD will be available on PSN (assuming it’s up again until then) or as a hard-copy – even though I’d kind of prefer the second option. So far there are no plans to release either MHP3rd (PSP) or MHP3rd HD (PS3) outside of Japan. But as most of you probably already know it was the same for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and the western hunters still got to hunt down their Nargacugas in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Be that as it may, it would be  exhilarating to get another MH-part on the big screen. While Monster Hunter Tri was (and still is) a great game, it still lacks some stuff to really shine – like HD-graphics, a decent voice-chat-feature (I always use skype) and a bigger amount of gear and monsters to hunt. All of this was however featured in Capcoms Monster Hunter Frontier which unfortunately is only available in Japan.

Anyway, MHP3rd HD is definately something you should look forward to. Capcom will release more information on the title on May 28th. Until then: Check out the announcement-trailer (make sure to watch it in HD) below or visit the official website!

[ source: Capcom-Unity.com ]