Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


Hit’em hard! The MHP3 weakness chart & more


So I was browsing through deviantArt when I stumbled upon AliveDrive‘s amazing MHP3 weakness chart! Granted, not all of the monsters that will appear in MH3U are on there, then again the chart is for MHP3 (PSP, PS3).

weakness chart mhp3

Anyway, I’ve been working on a small project myself. Lately I’ve been playing MHFU (PSP) a lot more often and sometimes have a hard time remembering what the elemental weaknesses of a monster are and where I should attack it.  Luckily there are websites like Monster Hunter Wiki that provide plenty of information on that. Still, it’s kind of troublesome to have to click through all of the links, so I’ve decided to create something different: The Book of Monsters.

I intend to create one page per monster that contains all necessary information on how to defeat it. These pages can easily be transferred to your smartphone or tablet pc and you can access the information anytime anywhere rather quickly. Below you see one of the prototypes. Let me know if anything is missing.



MH3 weakness charts, you can has it!

It’s about time. After the charts for MHFU have been out for a while there have now popped up weakness charts for Monster Hunter Tri. If you should know any other charts or have complementary stats, feel free to add them via the comments function. Also both of the graphics will be available in the MH3 Guide section.

Monster Hunter 3 Demo Walkthoughs

As, unlike us Europeans, our American fellow hunters already have the pleasure of playing the latest Monster Hunter game, some walkthrough videos have already been popping up on youtube. Enclosed you find the “tutorials” for Great Jaggi (which now has been added to the bestiary) as well as Qurupeco – enjoy.

If you find any other interesting videos, don’t hesitate to share them with others in the comments section.