Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


New entries in Bestiary: Lagiacrus & Gigginox

Monster Hunter 3 is almost here, time to gather some info on the monsters you’re about to hunt down. For startes Lagiacrus, the new flagship of the MH-Franchise, and Gigginox, the new Khezu, are now included in the Bestiary. There will be more information coming (tutorials, weakness charts, hunting strategies,…) as soon as I get my hands on a copy of the game. Maybe even sooner. Anyway, if you wanna contribute to the bestiary, just go ahead and write your personal hints and tricks in the comments section.


Back with new beasties!

A lot of things, very awesome things, have happened during my hiatus from blogging. First of all Monster Hunter 3 was scheduled to be released on 23rd April, which is only like two more months of waiting. Moreover Gamestop might get some Promo-Demo-Discs in March already, so that is pretty wicked to start with. Also Microsofts console is gonna get its first MH-Port: Monster Hunter Frontier Online! No one was really expecting this when Microsoft made its announcement a couple of weeks back. It took many by surprise that the game will appear on x360, even though the work on MH3 for PS3 was already in full progress when capcom decided that the production-costs on Sony’s console were just too high to create the game for it. However the title, as it is, will only be released in Asia and, depending on the sales there, might also hit the western market next year – Anyway, back to MH3.

As announced by Nintendo & Capcom, the game will NOT have any monthly fees which means you can keep your Wii-points for other stuff. Also both voice-chat (via Wii Speak) and keyboard are supported in the game, similar as in Sony’s Ad-Hoc Party. The first couple of videos look amazing Even though a lot has been changed and there are not nearly as many monsters or weapons as in MHFU, it looks like a whole lot of fun. There have also been rumors about DLC (Downloadable Content), which would be what most hunters were looking for ever since the game first got released in 2004. Even though capcom has officially stated that it is very likely that DLC will be available, there weren’t any hints if it would be constrained to bonus-missions or new weapons, armor or even monsters. Moreover Capcom has finally opened the gates to the guild. Also the first two english promo-video have popped up on youtube. It’s unclear if they’ll also be used as TV-ads, still they’re pretty awesome. Check them out:

However there is even more awesome coming up.  Rafael-Izoshy on Deviantart has started a pretty amazing Monster Hunter comic. Only the first two chapters are out, still you should give it a look. (Click on the Pic to see the whole comic)

New Monster Hunter TRI-trailer

Capcom released a new trailer of the upcoming sequel to the Monster Hunter series. They changed the movements of all weapons quite a bit. For example you can now unleash something like a burst with your LS if it has an elemental ability (or so it seems). Other than that the movements are a lot swifter


Besides that a couple of new monsters are shown. One of them looks like a mixture between walruss and Narugacuga. Another one looked like a lava-dipped Volganos and last but not least a big flying thingy… do want moar 😀

+ I’ve added two Links to the Links-section. The first one is a Wiki with a great deal of information on weapons, monsters and fighting strategies. The second one is a German Monster Hunter Forum.