Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


… more cosplays

Still no Kirin-Cosplays. It would have made for a perfect start for the weekend, but Genprey armor isn’t bad either – however it looks kind of not-genprey-ish, but still quite decent.

[Source: Deviantart – Foosnerdlet]

As for my abscence from blogging lately there is a good reason (aweseomeness awaits -soon. more info will follow, but it’ll be more awesomeness than your eyes can handle). Hunting Grounds will be taking place tomorrow, so if you don’t know what to do, make sure to show up!  There’s gonna be cake too.

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Monster Hunter BBQ in L.A. – with beer

One of many advantages when you don’t have snow lying around everywhere (like here) is that you can do all kinds of awesome stuff – like BBQ’s. That’s what some hunters in the L.A. area must’ve thought and decided to organize an event where you could do the 3 most awesome things you can imagine at a BBQ-Party:

  • Play Monster Hunter 3 (before it’s offially out)
  • Eat lots of meat
  • Drink lots of beer
  • get to know chicks (yes! at a Monster Hunter event!!)

The idea is so awesome that I hereby declare that this summer Hunting Grounds will organize a BBQ too (and will also try to get some of those awesome Royal Ludroth-beer mugs)! Everyone who’s interested in coming, leave a comment.

Also I wonder if Ironbeard was there too? I reckon he might have killed the Lagiacrus for it’s meat to use at the BBQ.