Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not



Monster Hunter Cosplay

Over the years I have seen some pretty amazing MH-cosplay. Also, with the increasing popularity of the game, the costumes become more and more “Monster-Hunter-like” and fancy.

But enough talk! Feast on your eyes on these amazing cosplays.


Awesome Monster Hunter Cosplays are awesome

Gameshows are basically good for two things. Playing videogames (obviously) and seeing hot chicks in videogame-costumes. This years Tokyo Game Show had some amazing Monster Hunter Cosplays, and I really do mean amazing. It’s really too bad Monster Hunter doesn’t have quite as many fans in the west as it does in the east. Just imagine the chicks in kirin costumes possibilities!

Anyway, below are the pics, enjoy! If you should know links with more cosplays, please don’t hesitate and post the links in the comment-section.