Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


Mohran farming!

Just now I’ve been farming Mohran stuff with a couple of guys I met online. In case you’re not familiar with the term “farming”; it basically means hunting the same monster over and over again to get as many parts and items as possible. Usually to create a certain armor or piece of weaponry. Anyway, farming the Mohran was really fun. I remember my first couple of tries were kind of frustrating since many of the hunters didn’t exactly know how to fight it. In fact it’s quite simple, we even managed to kill the dragon within less than 15 minutes, which was pretty amazing.

Anyway, there are only a few basic rules to follow in order to take a Jhen Mohran down, the most important of them listed below.

  • Mohrans is very weak to dragon-element weapons. If you don’t have any of those, ice still deals a decent amount of damage. Don’t use fire-element weapons though, they’re as good as useless against him.
  • When you have the chance to get on Mohrans back, attack the two cracks on his fin. Remember that you can attack them from both, his right and left side which deals major damage. After hitting them for long enough the cracks will open, providing a passage to the other side.
  • Don’t be greedy with the special-attacks of the ship.  The gong, the ballista-binder as well as the dragon-spear are all powerful weapons. The gong is usually used shortly before Mohran is threatening to tackle the boat. The binder draws him closer to the ship and keeps him steady, so he can be hit easier. The most powerful though is the dragon-spear. It deals massive damage and forces Mohran to retreat for a short while.
  • Use the ballistas (apart from binding) to damage Mohrans fangs (horns?). Remember that you can also carve there when you manage to kill him.
  • The most powerful weapon that is available at all times is the canon. Don’t attack Mohran with a regular weapon, even if he’s close. The canon deals way more damage. That especially counts for the “end-phase” where mohran draws nearer to the stranded ship and tries to destroy it with bodyslams. First attack him with ballistas as long as he’s out of reach for the canons. As soon as he is close enough though, switch to canons.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s usually a good idea to boost your defense before the encounter. Some of Mohrans attacks are close to fatal.


Lances – because size does matter!

I’ve been playing the Monster Hunter series for half a decade now and there was one thing I always kind of diskliked: lances. Especially in the first few parts of Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter [PS2], Monster Hunter: Freedom [PSP]) this weapon just didn’t seem all that useful. For starters it was way too slow and despite having the possibility of blocking most of the enemys attacks with your shield, it was just too hard to handle. Also the moves seemed kind of absurd. Take the “charge” attack of the lance for example. How on earth can you actually use this in a fight? So as a reaction to this most players were kind of scared off.

Then a couple of Japanese guys invented that awesome thing called “headlocking” and lances were all over the place. “Headlocking” was (and still is) a strategy in which you make the opponent stagger by constantly hitting his weak spot (usually the head). Among the weapons used for this was, beside the hammer, mainly the lance. It’s popularity grew steadily and especially veteran players started using the lance as their main weapon. Still, the weapon or rather its attacks had some flaws as they were rather unflexible and hard to master. For that reason Capcom introduced a more beginner-friendly type of this weapon: The gunlance.

While the lance already had a huge attacking range, the gunlance took it even further. By shooting projectiles at the monsters you now had the perfect mixture between short- and long-range weapon, especially the wyvern-fire (a special attack in which you first charge and are completely open to attacks for around 2 seconds before you fire a devastating blast) made this weapon top notch. The gunlance became one of most popular weapons in the series, but at the same time many of the monsters became tougher and the headlock was harder to complete, in some cases even became impossible.

With Monster Hunter Tri however, Capcom decided to “start from scratch” and exclude most of “newer” weapons, figuratively reinventing the game. That also meant that the gunlance had to go. I myself, being a huge sucker for hammers and LS, wasn’t really all that sad about it. Anyway, a couple of days ago I needed to clear the Jhen Mohran quest in order to advance in HR. Unfortunately my only weapon with dragon element happened to be a lance (Model: The Undertaker). So I involuntarily had to go with it. It turned out to be not so bad though, in fact it was quite enjoyable to use it and completely different from what I remembered. It was a little hard to judge it though, since fighting with Mohran is like fighting a mountain. So a while later a couple of friends and I decided to take down a Rathian and Rathalos. I wasn’t really sure what weapon to use, normally it would probably have been a hammer but this time I wanted to try something new – the lance was the obvious choice. The first thing I noticed at our encounter with Rathalos, was that the lance had become a lot faster. Also Capcom added some new moves that made fighting alone much easier, such as the swing in which you strike your lance from left to right and get rid of the small fries.  But there was another attack that impressed me even more. The biggest advantage with the lance, is that you can always hide behind your shield and then pierce your opponent with the lance from a defensive position, which is basically what everyone does when he wields a lance. So instead of inventing another useless running move Capcom decided to go for a counter-attack. In this attack you charge while defending with your shield and then thrust the tip of your lance into your enemy will brutal force. You can also expand the attacking by dealing some more blows after that. While getting a better grip on the abilities and possibilities of the weapon I decided to go for the obvious: try to headlock. And guess what, it worked!

Conclusively I can only tell that the lance has become a monster of a weapon. After defeating several Uragaans and Rathians/Rathalos with it, I’m really impressed with what you can now do with a weapon that was initially more of a hindrance than acutal help in a hunt. Go ahead and try out!

Messing with the big guys

After a quite a long time I have now found my way back to Moga Village. I decided to do some warm-up rounds before going after the big guys, so I hunted down a Great Jaggi and and a Qurupeco first. The Ceadeus-Quest was still open and unfinished, so I figured I might try that one next. As he is weakest to dragon and thunder, I guessed that thunderclap along with the lagiacrus-armor would do the job, which in retrospective wasn’t a bad decision.  So I stocked up my potions, boosted my defense and dove right in. The battle with Ceadeus was pretty rough. It’s kind of like battling Lao from the MHFU-Series, but different. For one you are underwater, so you have to be accustomed to swimming, otherwise it will be hard to swim to the right places and deal damage.

After diving through a couple of underwater caves you will find yourself in what seems to have been a fortress; only that it has sunk and is now underwater. You can choose to use the Ballista as well as the dragonspear in order to further weaken the giant or simply attack him with your own weapon. However I strongly suggest using the weapons in the fortress, especially the Dragonator. It will weaken him remarkably. Anyway, after landing a couple more hits on his horn, it broke off and further hits led to Ceadeus fleeing out into the again – Moga was saved 🙂

The nex major Monster to take down was Jhen Mohran. He was also the one Monster I had to finish so I could rise in HR. Hunting Jhen was a whole new experience. For one you can’t really attack him with your regular weapon most of the time as he is swimming in the sea of sand next to your ship. So what you have to do is use the Ballistas and canons on the ship, it’s pretty wicked. Anyway, for this quest a decent weapon was essential and as his two biggest weaknesses are Dragon and Ice, I was kind of screwed. I didn’t have weapons of either of those two elements in my box, but I kind of got lucky in a quest and managed to get a rusted lance which i could turn into the “Undertaker”, which is pretty much one of best weapons you can get for defeating a Jhen. My first two attempts to clear the quest with the Vodyanoy Hammer failed miserably. One of them even by 2 minutes, which was quie frustrating. Still, on the 4th try I managed to gather a great team and we really did manage to cause some major damage. So much in fact that Mohran actually dropped dead at the end – HR 31 🙂 Even though Jhen’s armor isn’t that special, the weapons you can craft out of his materials are pretty neat. Next up: Deviljho 😉

[Stats taken from Monster Hunter Wiki]