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Hunting Grounds Fiesta

Way awesome: First MH3 Fiesta!

OMG, Monster Hunter 3 is out and my social (real) life has officially hit rock bottom. Which is okay since i get to meet all those cool people on Capcoms (buggy) servers and get to slay riddiculously huge monsters with riddiculously huge weapons. Anyway, I kind of got the idea to make an improvised Fiesta and posted it on MonsterHunteForum.de. To my surprise some people actually showed up and we had a great time together. Of course I took pitches! Better than that: We actually have video material! It’ll be online shortly.

Also I’m thinking about organising a second Fiesta this weekend. Visit the Blog to stay tuned! My Capcom ID (btw) is 3UEQ7B. Thx to Akeanos and BlaXun for some epic hunts and Michael for his fail of the day!