Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


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Rejoice Hunters! Monster Hunter Tri is almost here and first official commercial for the game is now airing on TV. The game is of course promoted by none other than Ironbeard McCollough himself!

The Trailer is a variation from the old crabs-movie but with something new and awesome to it. Check it out yourself!


more stuff from Ironbeard

Ya know, hunters, I’ve been called a “lion of a man” by some manks. I think they tried t’ say it as a compliment.

Then I actually *saw* these lions. Pah! Those lazy floofs aren’t impressive at all. Even their *mane* pales in comparison t’ me own. And yet we consider these overgrown tabbies t’ be beasties?

Well, I say, …let the lions have their precious zebra and afternoon nap. I think I’ll stick t’ huntin’ me Rathalos and Lagiacrus, thankee very much.

[via: FB – The official Monster Hunter Fan Page]

New Stuff from Ironbeard

What does a Master Hunter like Ironbeard do after a hard days work? Of course he has a big monster meal. However Kutku-Wings, Lagiacrus Burgers and Gravios steaks are a little hard to get in the US.

How difficult can it be to get a simple burger made out of Monster flesh?!