Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


Hunting Grounds: The last gathering

Ever era has to come to an end. With the release day of Monster Hunter Tri being almost here, the glorious era of psp-exlusitivity for Monster Hunter (at least in the west) will be over. Reason enough to organise one last gathering and enjoy some great hunts together. Enclosed you find the details for the meeting.

  • When: April 3rd,  18.00 o’clock
  • Where: Starbucks Bellevue (Zürich, Switzerland)
  • What: we’re gonna do: Play MHFU until we drop

There is a McDonalds and plenty of other restaurants nearby, also a videogamestore and, since we’re in Starbucks, plenty of coffee. So if you live nearby and are looking for fellow hunters, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know more people with the urge to kill dragons. See you then!


Top 10 Monsters that didn’t make it into the series (part 2)

This is the second part to the countdown started a couple of posts ago (part 1 here). It was really hard to decide on final five since Capcom has so many brilliant concepts and each one of them is interesting in its own way. Still, decisions had to be made and I hereby proudly present you the TOP 5 monsters that didn’t make it into the series – enjoy!

5. Fog Dragon

At first sight it kind of reminds of Khezu with the whole non-eye-wyvern-thingy. However it looks older and more dangerous. The vapour coming from its mouth would suggest that it uses this fog-like substance to fight. Maybe it can cover the area in dense fog, so you that you can’t rely on sight anymore and the battle ground becomes more advantegous for the dragon. Maybe it uses it’s breath in a similar way to Kushala, which freezes you and makes you unable to attack.

No matter what it does, it looks incredibly cool and we want to hunt it down, that’s why this one is our number 5!

4. Stegosaurus meets Fatalis

It’s too bad that there were no more illustrations from this fellow here. Judging from its appearence, this guy is pretty evil. With his massive body and the razor-like claws attached to hands, wings, chin and forehead the fight would definately have become rather intense.

Still it bears some ressemblence to other dragons, like Fatalis or even Lao Shan-Lung, even though this one seems more compact and agile.

3. The Hydra

This Hydra-like creatue is pretty much the prey every hunter dreams of – remember: two heads menas more items to carve. In the early sketches of Monster Hunter (for PS2) there was quite a number of ancient egyptian creatures and armor. I can however not comprehend why they would drop the idea, everything looked so great!

Still, the idea of a monster with two heads might have been a bit too much or too unrelated to the original aspect of the game. Maybe that is why the hydra can only be found in this countdown, though not in the game itself.

2. The Leopard Dragon

50% Teostra, 50% Diablos, 100% awesome! This fellow was just way too awesome to make it into the series. Hunters would pass out from the pure concentrated amount of awesomeness that is emitted from this guy. That’s just how awesome it is!

It’s true that it ressembles Teostra and Lunastra a lot, but it also has certain characteristics that make it different and a lot more appealing (like the knife-like-horn). It really aches my hunter-heart to not be able to hunt this one down.

1. Earth Dragon

If you wonder what could be even more awesome than the Leopard Dragon, here is your answer! You don’t fight this guy in castle, this fellow IS the castle! If you look closely you can see a tiny little hunter standing before the monstrosity. Imagine taking this thing down, not with a group of 4 people (like Ironbeard would suggest) but with a whole clan (maybe 8-10 players) instead. Do you read that Capcom? Do it!

In Monster Hunter Frontier, there is a similar Monster. Not quite similar in appearence but the idea behind it is very much the same that would have been behind this one too, the name is Raviente.

New entries in Bestiary: Diablos, Khezu, Lavasioth & Barroth

As requested by some, I have written some more summaries on a couple of monsters. At the moment it’s kind of hard to get my hands on info about any of the new monsters in MH3. Unfortunately there is no demo available, so all we poor western hunters can do, is to wait. However this gives me the opportunity to fill the Bestiary with new monsters and gives you the opportunity to share your experience and learn from others. As soon as I’m done with the monsters from MHFU and MH3, I’ll try to upload profiles of beasts in MHFO as well.

Update: Daimyo Hermitaur, Gobul, Kirin, Qurupeco and Uragaan have been added to the Bestiary.