Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not


24 hour hunting & MHP3rd Event

While Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is still waiting to be released outside of Japan, the game is being pretty popular there. It’s probably for that reason that the Universal Studios Japan have announced a MHP3rd event. It’s however still unclear as to what kind of event this may be. But it’s rather likely that it’ll feature some more information and gameplay from the upcoming Monster Hunter Protable 3rd HD for PS3. Anyway, we’ll keep you updated.

In other news, Capcom-Unity-User Snow has announced a 24 hour-hunting session on one of the Monster Hunter Tri servers. Check out the description below or visit the official homepage for more detail.

It’s a long weekend for most of us, meaning extra time to play games! More specifically, time well spent hunting the ravenous creatures of Monster Hunter. This Saturday pop in Monster Hunter Tri in your Wii, and meet up with Capcom-Unity for epic hunting, BBQing, arm wrestling, drinking at the pub, and flaunting ones achievements in the world of Minegarde. Details are as follows:

– Get online in Monster Hunter Tri Saturday anytime
– Go to the Server Valor 4
– Head to Gate 40
– Capcom-Unity will be waiting for you! 

That’s the meet up destination! Expect to find fellow Capcom-Unity Monster Hunters throughout the day. This event takes place both in North America and in Europe. If you’re playing in North America click here for more information, and if you’re playing in Europe click here.

It’s an all day event, but don’t feel obligated to be there the whole time. Just hop online and in that server and gate when you get a chance!

[ Sources: Capcom-Unity.com / The-Magicbox.com ]


New Monster Hunter Comic?

Appearently a new Monster Hunter Comic is gonna be released on the 10th of June. Judging from the first colored pages it might be the best comic adaption to Monster Hunter ever. Of course the Manga is most likely only going to be released in Japan. Still, awesome is awesome.

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New Felyne Features in Monster Hunter Portable 3

One of the coolest features in the Portable-series was that you bring your felyne along with you on a quest. Seriously, even the most cold-blooded and blood thirsty hunter has took the little buddy to ones heart. In Monster Hunter Portable 3 Capcom has therefore decided to expand this feature a little. I’m not quite sure if I translated all the stuff correctly, so don’t nail me to it. But appearently you will be able to transfer Felynes from Monster Hunter Nikki: Poka Poku Airu Mura and vice versa.

Also now you will be able to take 2 of the little warrior kitten along with you on a quest. This should prove quite useful as now they have new armors and weapons. However it hasn’t been announced wheter different weapon-types will be available or not.

[Source: Capcom JP]