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Monster Hunter 4 Scans!


Good News everyone! Khezu is returning to the Monster-Hunter-verse with the upcoming fourth installment of the series. Also there are some more details about the wyvern-virus that players will have to deal with while fighting some of the wyverns. The virus will be able to spread from player to player and impact their health and recovery process.

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Another day, another bunch of Monster Hunter 4 scans

Here are some clear Famitsu scans of Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4, showing the various Airu/Felyne union attacks and new monsters.

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Guess who’s back

Guess who's back
More good news on Monster Hunter 4!

[…] Three boss monsters have returned in MH4, including Fire Wyvern Rathian, Bird Wyvern Genodrome and Pelagus Congalala.

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