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Top 10 Monsters that didn’t make it into the series (part 1)

In the world of Monster Hunter there are dozens of vicious and bloodthirsty Beasts, which by now every Hunter should know. However there have been more concepts of monsters and other creatures that didn’t make into any of the MH-titles. Therefore Hunting Grounds proudly presents the top 10 monsters that didn’t make it into the game, but are still too awesome to just be ignored. Starting with:

10. Zebrasaur

We all know about Aptonoths, Popos and Kelbis; however there were plenty more of those kind of those walking meat thingies peaceful creatures planned for the game. Unfortunately only very few of them can now be seen in the actual game. The most impressive one would probably be the Zebrasaur (it has some characteristics of a Giraffe too, but Zebrasaur sounds way cooler). Just imagine how awesome it would be to see one of those eat the leaves of a tree or even better to strike it down with blow of your hammer!

9. Bulbasaur?

This creature might not look so interesting at first sight, but it’s unique ability makes it quite an interesting prey. The volcano-like thing on its back shoots little eggs, from which other mini-bulbasaurs hatch. It ressembles Blangongas pattern, but in a much more interesting way. A pity they haven’t included this one in the upcoming MH3 or MHFO.

However Capcom has picked up the Idea with Gigginox and the Giggis (which kind of sounds like some weird 80’s band) in MH3. Still, too bad we didn’t get to see more of this one.

8.  Leftvent-eel

In terms of pure style this monster should definately be included in the games. It ressembles the the Linophryne Lucifer, a deep sea fish, has however the body of an eel. From the looks of it, one could conclude that the beast would be quite agile and fast, which would make the hunt all the more thrilling. Especially in MH3 with all the new underwater-monsters it would have been great to see this one too. Still, it seems they haven’t completely abandoned the design if you look at Gobul.

7. Blade Dragon

Apart from looking pretty cool, this fellow seems quite ferocious.  With the blade-like things on his back and his tail this guy would have made a great opponent. As we can conclude from the concept-sketches one of his attacks would be a rolling-charge, similar to Uraagans attack in MH3. As awesome as the hunt would have been, Blade Dragon isn’t included in any game of series.

6. Blossom Giant

This one would have made one hell of an opponent. Just imagine striving through the forest when you see bushes and trees moving and realize that the stuff grows on the back of this giant. Not only that, but judging from the pic the monster is also able stand on just his hind legs which makes it even harder to take it down. There is a slight ressembles to Lao Shan Lung and Espinas, still too bad we didn’t get to fight this buddy too.

That’s it for now. Look forward to the top 5 monsters that didn’t make it into the series (i couldn’t thing of a shorter title -_-‘) soon.