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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Guide

MH3U Guide
Good News everyone! Monster Hunter Things has posted a link to a PDF-Version of the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Strategy Guide. Lots of information, awesome stuff.

Get it here



Happy Easter

Even though I’m not much into this easter business, happy easter to all those who are!

And to brighten up your day, here are some resource-maps for Monster Hunter 3 Ultiamte!

[ source: Monster Hunter Things ]
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Monster Hunter with lyrics

We all know and have to love the Monster Hunter theme. Youtube-singing-talent Erutan (katethegreat19) has now created of the song with lyrics and it is frikkin’ amazing!

So get ready to shed big wyvern tears while listening to her beautiful interpretation of “A Hunters Mark”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOaCvz_kLFU&feature=youtu.be]

Hit the jump for the lyrics and one additional musical interlude! Read the rest of this page »