Every dragon has a weakness… a true hunter does not

Guides (MHFU)

Until the whole translation is done, you can find the “old guides” below. The intro-texts are all in German, but most of the actual guides are in English.

Once this section is updated, it will contain more maps, guides and data as well an English translation of the intros.


9.7.09 – Added Hunter Rank Guide (gathering hall)

10.7.09 – Added Weakness Chart (MHFU), Resource Maps,  Weapon Trees

13.7.09 – Added Carving Guide (MHFU), Combination List, Felyne Guide, Veggie Elder Guide

30.12.12 – Fixed the links that were broken


Ein besserer Name ist mir nicht eingefallen. Gemeint sind die Fähigkeiten die ihr erhaltet wenn ihr bestimmte Rüstungen zusammenstellt oder Dekorationen auf Waffen & Equipment anbringt. Zwar haben alle davon Namen, leider weiss niemand so genau was er damit anfangen soll. Darum gibts nachfolgend eine Liste mit Erklärungen zu den einzelnen Eigenschaften.

Welche Waffe benutze ich gegen ein Gravios? Wann sollte ich Teostra am ehesten angreife? Warum sterbe ich bloss di ganze Zeit T_T ? Diese und mehr Fragen werden euch bei den Kampftaktiken beantwortet. Findet heraus wie ihr welche Drachen am einfachsten bzw. effektivsten in die ewigen Jagdgründe schicken könnt.


Weakness Chart

Every Monster has its weakness. However the weakspots as well as the elemental powers they are vulnerable of are not always the same. These two charts show how to approach your opponent and deal the most damage. Also check out the Bestiary for detailed Tutorials.

Resource Maps

In every quest you can obtain lots of useful items apart from the ones you would get from carvinga  wyvern after having killed it. The resource maps show where you can find what you’re looking for.

Weapon Trees

Monster Hunter includes a variety of weapons that can be developed in many different ways. The weapons trees will show you what materials you need and just how strong your will be and what elemental damage it will deal.

Monster Carving Guide

pigbeatart_displayWhat items can you carve from a monster and what is the probability of getting the part you need. The carving guide gives you precise numbers on the likelyhood of aquiring the items you want.

Combination List

zizi03white1np3Combination is the most fundamental but also probably the most important thing when preparing for a quest. This list will show you how to combine the items you want and the percentage of succeeding.

Felyne Guides

nekoillustwhite1ch9Felynes make your life easier. They cook for you, they cover your back during quests and work for you on the pokke-farm. Enclosed you find some lists that will help you understand your fury companions better.

Veggie Elder Guide

Even though nobody really understands what the old geezer is mumbling, his trades can be quite profitable for you. Enclosed you find a chart on what you can give him and what to expect in return.

Keyquests Gathering Hall (HR-Guide)

HR 1 – HR 2
– Giadrome (ドスギアノス急襲)
– Cephalos (大地を泳ぐモンスター)
– Daimyo Hermitaur (砂に潜む巨大蟹!)
– Congalala (いたずら好きの桃毛獣)

– Blangonga (激突!雪獅子ドドブランゴ)

HR 2 – HR 3
– Khezu (雪山に降り立つ赤い影)
– Plesioth (巨大湖の主)
– 20 Hermitaurs (盾蟹たちの夜会)
– Shogun Ceanataur (空を切り裂く鎌)
– 20 Bullfangos (森の中の異変)
– Iodrome (イーオスたちの親玉)

– Tigrex (絶対強者)

HR 3 – HR 4
– Tigrex (轟竜ティガレックス)
– Diablo (死闘!角竜ディアブロス)
– Gravios (湿地帯の激闘)
– Rathalos (王の領域)
– Rathian (女王、降臨す)

– Gaoren (迫り来る仙高人)

HR 4 – HR 5
-2 gendrome (2対の麻痺牙)
– 2 Daimyo Hermitaur (究極の蟹料理…)
– Kut-Ku & Blauer Kut-Ku (挟撃のイャンクック!)
– Congalala (牙獣たちの逆襲!)

– Lao-Shan Lung (接近!ラオシャンロン)

HR 5 – HR 6
– 2 Blangongas (雪獅子、二重の咆哮)
– Roter Khezu (沼地に降り立つ赤い影)
– Grüner Plesioth (水面下の恐怖)
– Rathalos (リオレウス討伐指令)
– Basarios (見えざる飛竜、バサルモス!)

-2 Tigrex (異常震域)

HR 6 – HR 7
– Schwarzer Diablo (黒き角竜の猛攻)
– Schwarzer Gravios (湿地帯の黒き鎧)
– Pink Rathian & Azur Rathalos (空は蒼、大地は桜)
– Silber Rathalos (禁断の地の銀竜)
– Gold Rathian (幻の金竜を探して)
– Gaoren (迫り来る仙高人)

– Akantor (起源にして、頂点)
– 2 Hypnoc (ヒプノック二連撃!)

HR 7 – HR 8
– Lila Daimyo Hermitaur (戦国大名風雲録)
– Khezu (旧密林に走る稲妻)
– Plesioth (地底湖から覗く目)
– Grüner Congalala (牙獣の品格)
– 2 Lila Gypceros(霧にむせぶ旧沼地)

– Naruga Kuruga (絶影)

HR 8 – HR 9
– Volganus (溶岩竜ヴォルガノス出現!)
– Roter Shogun Ceanataur & Shogun Ceanataur (天下分け目の大合戦)
– Rathalos (噴煙まとう王者)
– Rathian (久遠の女王)
– Brauner Blangonga (砂漠地帯の暴れん坊)

– Yamatsukami (浮岳龍)

—–Zum Freischalten von Ucamulbas (絶対零度)—–
– Tigrex (絶対強者)
– 2 Schwarze Diablo (黒のファランクス)
– Gravios (鎧の覇者グラビモス)
– Silber Rathalos (秘境を目指して)
– Gold Rathian (一縷の月光)

– Gaoren (迫り来る仙高人)

(C) by Thunder_god_666



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